Focus AV to Elevate Spectator Experience for Volleyball in WA

Volleyball WA is excited to announce a partnership with Focus AV, experts in audio-visual solutions. VWA have been working with Focus AV to create a customised high tech LED scoreboard to elevate the spectator experience at our marquee events.

“We at Focus AV are excited to partner with Volleyball WA, introducing a ground breaking innovation to Western Australian volleyball: a trailer-mounter LED scoreboard that can be effortlessly controlled with any smartphone. This pioneering solution is not just about displaying scores; it’s about changing the way games are experienced. Our mobile, user-friendly scoreboard brings unparalleled convivence and engagement to volleyball events, allowing operators to manage the scoreboard remotely with just a few taps on their smartphone, said Colin Tross, Managing Director Focus AV.

The scoreboard will be showcased at our marquee events throughout the year including the upcoming WA Open at Scarborough Beach in February, as well as the WAVL State League Finals and Australian Volleyball Super League Home Games from July – September.

Tross added, “Focus AV’s commitment to innovation is in our DNA. We are leading the industry in developing LED scoreboard solutions, and our latest offering is no exception. Our journey with Volleyball WA has been driven by a passion for creating technologies that are not only advanced but can be used by anyone. The partnership exemplifies our dedication to enhancing sporting experiences. By introducing this trailer-mounted, smartphone-operated scoreboard, we affirm our position as leaders in the field, delivering solutions that meet the evolving needs of sports organisations and their audiences across Australia.”

For more information about Focus AV, please visit their website: