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Volleyball is a game for all. Whether you play in the living room with a balloon or at Loftus centre among the state’s best, Volleyball WA is here to help you discover Volleyball! With almost 750,000 participants in Australia, Volleyball is fast becoming one of the country’s most played sport.

Volleyball WA is supporting the exciting development of the sport at every level. Whether it is indoor volleyball in the winter, beach volleyball in the summer, or indoor beach volleyball all year round, it’s time to discover Volleyball


Enjoy the feeling of sand between your toes and a cool sea breeze? Then Beach Volleyball is for you! Played between October and April, Volleyball WA’s Alcohol. Think Again Beach Volleyball Tour sees participants play multiple tour stops along WA’s picturesque coastline.

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Do you like team sports and need a new winter sport? Then Indoor Volleyball is for you! Played between May and September, the WA Volleyball League is the state’s premier indoor competition held at Loftus Recreation Centre. Players also have the option of WA’s social competition the Perth Volleyball League, while high school aged players can compete in the WA Volleyball Junior League.

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Indoor Beach

Like the beach, but want to avoid the weather? Then Indoor Beach Volleyball is for you! Played all year round, Indoor Beach Volleyball offers a range of competition and social opportunities. With multiple venues around WA, Indoor Beach Volleyball offers players the chance to play Beach Volleyball in a controlled setting.

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Kids Volley

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to get your kids involved in Volleyball? A modified version of the game, Kids Volley has been designed to introduce primary school kids to Volleyball’s core skills in a fun and energetic way. Junior Volley is designed to be the next steps for kids aged 12 - 17.

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