Kids and Junior Volley: Serving Up Fun and Skills!

Explore the world of Kids and Junior Volley—Volleyball Australia’s dynamic programs for ages 5 to 17. These sessions, starting January 29th in WA, promise more than just volleyball; they’re an avenue for skill development, socialisation, and fitness.


Kids Volley (Spikezone): Gateway to Volley Fun

Fundamental Focus: Kids Volley, part of the Spikezone initiative, emphasises fundamental movements and skill development for ages 5 to 12.

Inclusive Sport: Non-contact and gender-equal, volleyball becomes a fun team sport for all.

Social Hubs: Kids Volley Centers offer a blend of skill-building and socialising, creating a vibrant community.


Junior Volley: Elevating the Game

Progression Path: Junior Volley, for ages 13 to 17, builds on Kids Volley fundamentals while introducing standard rules.

Exciting Challenges: Maintaining the fun, Junior Volley adds new challenges and prepares teens for more competitive play.

Expert Coaching: Led by accredited Volleyball WA coaches, sessions during the school term provide expert guidance.


Join the Action from January 29th

Whether it’s the first step onto the court or a desire to advance skills, Kids and Junior Volley have you covered. Starting January 29th, these programs offer accessible, enjoyable, and skill-building sessions. All you need is yourself and a water bottle!


Check out our website for more information and registration details:

Kids Volley

Junior Volley


Spike, set, and score with Kids and Junior Volley—where every point is a step towards a brighter, more active future!