Volleyball WA Introduces Leah Clayton as Community and Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator and Unveils Places to Play Working Group in 2024

Excitement buzzes through Volleyball WA as we proudly welcome Leah Clayton, the new Community and Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, to our team in 2024. Originally from Texas (United States), Leah brings a wealth of experience from her previous role in Business Development Operations at the London Youth Games.


Leah’s pivotal role is geared towards expanding opportunities for people to engage in volleyball across Western Australia, focusing on established indoor, beach, and indoor beach volleyball codes, as well as the emerging 4th code – Park Volleyball. Park Volleyball encompasses the dynamic play of volleyball in parks, beaches, and even public pools.


In her role, Leah will collaborate with key stakeholders to champion and implement the VWA Public Open Spaces proposal. She will offer crucial support and guidance for facility development to local governments and other providers and will also spearhead the establishment of innovative volleyball programs and venues, with a particular emphasis on the unique Park Volleyball initiative.


Leah, who shares a passion for volleyball and rock climbing in her spare time, is eager to dive into her role and immerse herself in the vibrant volleyball community of Western Australia.


Adding to the excitement, we are proud to announce the formation of the Places to Play Working Group. This dedicated group aims to provide valuable advice and guidance to the Volleyball WA Board of Management, focusing on the implementation of the Volleyball WA zoning plan. This plan will be crucial in steering the sport forward and managing the increasing demand for places to play, aligning with the 2022-2025 Places to Play Strategy for volleyball in Western Australia.


The inaugural meeting of the Places to Play Working Group is anticipated at the end of February, and we are thrilled to introduce its dynamic lineup:


Chairperson: Darren Beltman – VWA Board Member & Local Government Representative (City of Swan)

Deputy Chairperson & VWA Staff Representative: Marketing & Communications Manager

VWA Board of Management Representative: Robyn Kuhl

Club/Association Representatives: Shaun Barnett (Metro – Perth Scorpions VC), Evan Robinson (Regional – Bunbury VA)

Local/State Government Representatives: Matthew Andrews (Development WA), Cameron Dall (City of Wanneroo)

Executive Officer: Leah Clayton, VWA Community & Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator

For further details, check out the Places to Play Working Group Terms of Reference. We extend a warm welcome to Leah and express our excitement in having her contribute to the vibrant and growing world of volleyball in Western Australia. Welcome to the team, Leah!