Celebrating Unsung Heroes: Volleyball WA’s Volunteer of the Month Award!

In 2022, it’s estimated a whopping 3.4 million Australians stepped up to the plate, not as players, but as the unsung heroes in the sport and active recreation sector. Astonishingly, over 90% of these superheroes—3.1 million to be precise—were volunteers. They are the backbone, the heartbeat, and the true champions of our sporting community. From coaches to administrators, managers to board members, these volunteers make our volleyball world go ’round. 


Enter the Spotlight: Volunteer of the Month Award! 

Fast forward to October 2023, and the Volleyball WA Board decided it was time to give these incredible volunteers the recognition they deserve. And so, the Volunteer of the Month Award was born! However, we’ve noticed a shortage of nominations, and we’re on a mission to change that. 


Our First Winner: Rowan Simpson from Perth Scorpions Volleyball Club!
Volleyball WA proudly announced Rowan Simpson from Perth Scorpions Volleyball Club as the inaugural recipient of the Volunteer of the Month Award. In October 2023, Rowan was recognised for their exceptional dedication and invaluable contributions in Social Media, Marketing, and leadership roles. Rowan’s outstanding commitment, innovative ideas, and selfless contributions have significantly enriched the club, making them an exemplary choice for this esteemed recognition. 


Nominate Your MVP Today! 

Know someone in your club who’s been the real MVP behind the scenes? Nominate them for the Volunteer of the Month Award! It’s not just about the recognition; there’s a sweet $50 Rebel Sport Gift Voucher waiting for the deserving winner. 


How? It’s a Breeze! 

Simply fill out our super-easy nomination form. Your few minutes could mean the world to someone who’s been giving their all to our volleyball community. 


Let’s shine a spotlight on those who make it all possible. Nominate now and let’s make our volleyball community brighter together! 


Nomination Link: https://bit.ly/46uIny3