Be Part of our Referee Series

Not feeling ready for referee duty? We’ve got you covered.

VWA alongside the WA Referee Committee have prepared some educational sessions so you can be prepared and build confidence to ensure that you successfully fulfill your referee duties. With the start of WAVL and WAVJL quickly approaching, there’s no better time to be updated on the latest rule changes and technicalities alongside having a deeper understanding of the main referee positions.

You can join the Referee Workshop if you are feeling like you need a general refresher that will cover most things refereeing, alongside an insightful Q&A where our top state referee will answer any refereeing questions and solve any in-game dilemmas you might have experienced in the past.

If your general knowledge of the game and its rules is up to date, you can join one of the 3 role specific sessions. The first session will cover the basics of filling out the WAVL scoresheet, the second session will cover the duties and responsibilities of the top referee, and the third session will cover the duties and responsibilities of the second referee.

As every team will have to do referee duty at some point this season, make sure that you are prepared to correctly do this. Also, attending any of these sessions will provide 10 CDC points that will count towards your referee renewal requirements (Level 2 Associates and above).


Register here:

*WA Referee Workshop on the 30th of April

*WA Referee Seminar Series – Scoresheet on the 7th of May

*WA Referee Seminar Series – Top Referee on the 14th of May

*WA Referee Seminar Series – Second Referee on the 21st of May


Registrations are limited, so don’t miss out!