Volleyball popular with women and the CALD community in 2023 says latest Ausplay data!


The National Sport and Physical Activity Participation Report October 2023 presents a high-level overview of participation among key demographic groups in Australia. A survey of around 20,000 people 15 + across Australia has been in place since 2016 and has provided an interesting look at the impact COVID has had on sport and physical recreation.

What the latest data shows is that women drove increased participation during COVID but since the lifting of restrictions the levels have not been sustained and children are also getting back to their sport-related activity but not to the same level as pre-pandemic.

The top motivators for activity are physical health and fitness, fun, social reasons, mental health and being outdoors however the social and mental health benefits have slowed post pandemic. The barriers to sport are poor health, lack of time, ageing, no longer a priority and having a physical job so not necessary these have remained consistent throughout.

Volleyball is in the top ten sports for females aged 15+ in Australia and in our major cities, for those females aged 15-34 it is ranked number seven with an estimated 178,000 women playing across Australia. For Australians who speak a language other than English at home Volleyball ranks number seven with an estimated 53,000 women over the age of 18 playing the game.

Volleyball emphasizes teamwork and communication, qualities that many young women find particularly appealing. Players must rely on one another and work together to succeed, fostering strong bonds and camaraderie among teammates.

Volleyball is accessible to players of various skill levels and requires minimal equipment, making it an attractive option for girls from diverse backgrounds. The sport can be played indoors, outdoors, or on the beach, offering flexibility and variety in playing environments.

In WA, Volleyball WA runs several social volley events to attract players from the CALD community and there are a number of multicultural clubs and community groups in WA with significant memberships offering social opportunities to play.

To read the full report you can visit the Clearing House for Sport website – https://www.clearinghouseforsport.gov.au/research/ausplay

To find out how you can get involved in Volleyball in WA you can visit www.volleyballwa.com.au.