Fresh New Approach for Volleyball WA’s Youth Leadership Program


The Lead Volley program was developed in 2018 as part of the Discover Volleyball Campaign offering young people a pathway to leadership in sport. The establishment of the Lead Volley Panel (LVP) was the first outcome of the program whereby 10 young adults, aged 18-24, formed an advisory-style panel that met four times a year and was actively involved in the decision-making process. In 2021, the LVP developed and coordinated the first Lead Volley Camp which provided an expanded opportunity for young people in our sport to gain leadership skills.

The Lead Volley program is supported by Healthway as part of its drive to build the capacity of our sport. The LVP in 2022 has undergone a review with the following outcomes:

  • To open the program to a larger audience
  • The program structure needs to include more defined activities, these should be outcome/experience based
  • Members should work towards achieving positive contributions to their club

The Lead Volley Panel has been transformed into the Lead Volley Youth Network (LVYN). By encouraging youth participation and capacity building, Volleyball WA (VWA) is promoting its purpose to inspire healthy minds and bodies through volleyball. VWA recognises that many young people are involved in the sport as coaches, referees, or administrators, and it is crucial to assist and encourage them as they develop professionally and personally, just as we do for our players.

Nominations for participation in the program will be promoted to individuals for self-nomination and to Clubs and Association for them to identify the young people in their organisation who could play a more active role in the leadership.

Volleyball WA is excited to get this new program up and running – nominations close on February 6.