Spotlight : Derek Scales – International Beach Volleyball Referee


Between May 1st and 5th, Derek Scales, an International Beach Volleyball Referee, officiated at the Euro Cake 5th Asian Beach Volleyball Championships in Roi Et, Thailand. The tournament featured 52 teams from 17 countries, with Derek chosen as one of the 16 referees.

During the championship, Derek took on the roles of both Top and Second Referee in 14 matches, including the women’s Bronze Medal Match. The matches were scheduled in morning and evening sessions at 8 am and 4 pm to avoid extreme temperatures. Even during the 8 pm final match, temperatures rose to 35°C with high humidity. Despite facing challenging heat conditions, he remained dedicated to his duties.

Apart from his officiating duties, Derek engaged in training sessions and connected with fellow international referees. He actively participated in theory and practical sessions to ensure all referees were aligned with the standards and assisted in training local auxiliary referees. Derek enjoyed meeting old friends and forming new connections during the tournament.

Derek expressed his appreciation to VA and VWA for their financial support, which helped cover his flight expenses to the championships.

Overall, Derek described the event as highly rewarding and enjoyable. He had the opportunity to referee numerous matches (as both 1st and 2nd referees) on the centre court with a larger audience. It was valuable for Derek to interact with more AVC referees and Thai referees to observe their game management techniques and how they handled various situations.

Derek noted personal growth in his professional development during the championship and feels more self-assured in managing challenging scenarios referees hope to avoid. He has learned significantly from self-reflection and discussions with other referees.