Prioritising Mental Health: Volleyball WA’s 2024 Strategy

In collaboration with Sport West and their Mental Health and Wellbeing True Sport Initiative, Volleyball WA is taking proactive steps to prioritise mental health and wellbeing within the volleyball community. Our newly crafted Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy for 2024 embodies our commitment to fostering a culture where every participant feels valued, supported, included, and empowered. You can view the strategy document by clicking here. We encourage everyone to explore our strategy and join us in our efforts to prioritize mental health and wellbeing in volleyball.


Our Vision: Shaping a Supportive Volleyball Community

At Volleyball WA, we envision leading the charge in shaping a volleyball community that places mental health and wellbeing at the forefront. Our goal is to actively promote inclusive and enjoyable experiences within the realm of volleyball, ensuring that everyone involved feels both supported and empowered. As part of this vision, we’re excited to introduce several initiatives that underscore our dedication to this cause.


Promoting Awareness and Accessibility

One significant aspect of our strategy involves integrating mental health resources into our organisational framework. During staff meetings, we’re now emphasising the importance of mental health resources, demonstrating our commitment to supporting the wellbeing of our team members. This initiative is just the beginning, as we strive to expand our efforts in this area throughout 2024.


Providing Support Services

As part of our strategy, we’re proud to offer limited access to free and confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselling for VWA staff members. Additionally, our Volunteer Assistance Program (VAP) provides critical incident response counselling for our community and Clubs/Associations. Both programs underscore our commitment to supporting the mental health needs of our staff and volunteers alike.


For more information on these programs, please visit the Sport West website at


Empowering Mental Health Champions

Another key component of our strategy involves the appointment of Mental Health Champions. These individuals play a pivotal role in creating and promoting supportive environments to facilitate positive mental health outcomes within the sporting community. We’re thrilled to announce Kirsty Eaton and Kirsten Tyson as our inaugural Mental Health Champions, who will lead the way in championing mental health awareness and support within our organisation.


For more information regarding the role of a Mental Health Champion please click here.


Moving Forward Together

As we embark on this journey to prioritise mental health and wellbeing within the volleyball community, Volleyball WA invites all stakeholders to join us in this important endeavor. Together, we can create a culture where mental health is valued, supported, and prioritised, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and resilient volleyball community for all.


Stay tuned for more updates and initiatives as we continue to make strides in the realm of mental health and wellbeing throughout 2024.