The Perth and Peel restrictions will end as planned at 12.01am, Sunday, 14 February. This means the whole of Western Australia will return to the pre-lockdown conditions, as experienced prior to 6pm on Sunday, 31 January.

From Sunday, 14 February:

  • Masks will no longer be required to be worn either inside or outside, there will be no travel restrictions in WA, except for remote Aboriginal communities and mandatory contact registration will continue, as was planned prior to the lockdown.
  • WA’s controlled interstate border and capacity restrictions which were in place prior to the snap five-day lockdown will be in place, pending ongoing health advice.
  • Western Australians should continue to practise physical distancing where possible, maintain good personal hygiene at all times and get tested when unwell.
  • It is vital that all Western Australians ensure they are registering their contact details, at businesses and venues where contact registers are mandatory, to assist contact tracing if it is required.
  • As was the case before the lockdown, public or private events involving more than 500 patrons that require local government authority approval will need an approved COVID Event Plan as part of that process.

For further information please find the below link;


This means that the VWA Office staff will all return to the VWA Office as of Monday 15th February, 2021.


In the words of Kim Ellwood, Executive Director of Sport and Recreation, “This is great news for the sport and active recreation industry and I thank you all for your responsible approach and dedication over the last two weeks.  I know it has not been an easy time.  I look forward to the continued opportunities for all Western Australians to take part in sport and active recreation”.


Please stay safe, healthy and continue to check in with each other during these times.

Kind Regards

VWA Board and Staff Teams