Volleyball Reduces Corporate Stress – How Does Your Team Recharge and Reset


It’s widely understood that the pace of life is often frenetic, workforce shortages and current world events add another layer of complexity in doing business and more and more this manifests itself as increased staff stress. Without a doubt, stress negatively affects the mental health of people. What can companies do to reduce employee stress?

  1. Switch to Decaf. Caffeine can be a natural anxiety booster so consider adding decaf pods to the lunch room coffee station. Consider providing healthy snack options like a community fruit bowl, high-fat, sugary foods only cause people to crash and burn.
  2. Open Door Policy. Stress often stems from a lack of communication so openly encourage staff to approach supervisors with their questions or concerns.
  3. Create a Positive Culture. Words you choose in the workplace can play a role in the overall corporate culture – so make yours positive.
  4. Brighten up the Environment. Add colour, plants, natural light, fresh air, and comfortable seating. Encourage employees to organise and decorate their spaces.
  5. Start Puppy Play Days – Volleyball WA staff bring our dogs to work on Thursdays so we know this one works.
  6. Lunch Breaks. Encourage people to take a lunch break, go for a walk, eat their lunch with a colleague,  a change of scenery, and connecting with others helps to re-energise employees.
  7. Flexible Scheduling can help employees with creating a better work-life balance.
  8. Unplugged Afternoons. A break from technology, mobile phones, emails, and other messaging systems can give employees the breathing space to tackle their work without distraction.
  9. Play Volleyball. Regular physical activity big or small has a huge impact on mental health. The game of volleyballis a highly effective stress reliever.

Volleyball can improve a person’s mood, reduce stress and encourage team pride. The sport can also improve self-confidence, self-esteem, sleep, and generally make people feel happier through the release of endorphins.

Each year during Mental Health Week Volleyball WA hosts the Fortix Corporate Cup providing an opportunity for companies to come together for some physical activity and fun. Beach volleyball provides the additional benefits of playing outdoors, enjoying some sunshine, fresh air, and bare feet in the sand.

If you would like happier healthier employees, with the confidence to contribute and be part of a successful team then enter a team today. Registrations are now open via the website.