VWA Rookie Coach of the Year and Coach of the Year Awards

Whilst you are thinking about who to nominate for this year’s Rookie Coach of the Year and Coach of the Year, let’s take a look back at the 2014 recipients:

2014 Rookie Coach of the Year – Gareth Bowen

  • First time coach at AJBVC – Head and Assistant Coach for the U15W, U17M, U17W, U23M
  • Assistant Coach at AJVC – U17 Women Black
  • First time Assistant Coach National Junior Women’s Team in Thailand (Indoor)
  • Coached Guildford Grammar School PSA, Rosmoyne Senior High School Open Honours – Girls – sliver medal at AVSC, PBVS Talent squad and various others
  • Extremely dedicated and committed at all levels of coaching as well as attending the Level Two VWA Coaching Course held in 2013.

2014 Coach of the Year – Proudly Supported by E-Fire and Safety – Marty Suan

  • Accredited Level 2 Volleyball Coach
  • Performance Analyst Coach with Team Australia Beach Volleyroos Kapa / McHugh including winning a Bronze medal at the Klagenfurt Grand Slam
  • Head Coach VWA AJBVC
  • Coach of Crook / Grice in the Renault National Beach Volleyball Tour
  • Head Coach PBVS Talent squad that contributed 26 out of 33 members of the WA AJBVC
  • Education Course Presenter and Assessor

Please direct your nominations for the 2015 Awards to Robyn Kuhl at [email protected] by Wednesday, 26th August 2015.