2015 Collie Coal Cup Results

This years Collie Coal Cup was a great success!

Here are the results for the 26th Collie Coal Cup.

Men’s A Winners: 50 Shades Of Bucks 2-0

Runner Up: Pre Season

MVP: Sam Halley (50 Shades Of Bucks)

Women’s A Winners: Saggy Sisters 2-0

Runner Up: Minions

MVP: B Fee (Saggy Sisters)

Men’s Ares Winners: Team Green Apple 2-0

Runner Up: Saggy Balls

MVP: Mitch Collins (Team Green Apple)

Women’s B Winner: Bunbury 2-0

Runner Up: We Always get It Up

MVP: Rachel Crowhurst (M&M’s)

Men’s B Winner: Indian Stars 2-0

Runner Up: The Doers

MVP: Tim Hutton (The Doers)

And the winner of the Collie Coal Cup was: ( drum roll )



Congratulations to all teams and players on a fantastic tournament and especially the Collie Volleyball Association for running such a fantastic event.