Robyn Kuhl – VA Administrator of the Year

Congratulations to our very own Robyn Kuhl for her recent recognition as the Volleyball Australia ‘Administrator of the Year’.

“Robyn joined VWA in 2013, after previously working in Gymnastics and Hockey in similar roles.  She immediately set to work with what is now her signature of “bringing the volleyball family together” in WA.   With the support of the VWA Board, Robyn embarked on a rigorous program of meetings and focus groups to volleyball providers both locally and regionally to find out what they were currently doing, and what they wanted and needed from VWA.  In the process, Robyn, with her charm and obvious great understanding of sport, was able to establish valuable relationships and break down a number of previous barriers to bringing together the VWA Volleyball Family…

Robyn has provided significant assistance not only to the states, but also to the VA office.  She does this always in what she believes is best for the sport as a whole, at no time putting her own agenda nor looking for an “easy way” to reduce her workload…. Robyn Kuhl has been an exceptional addition to VWA and the VA “family”…. and is an absolute asset to our sport.”  Damian Oldmeadow, Volleyball WA President

Congratulations Robyn, we are all very proud of you.