From the CEO: ATABT Round 2 Change

Hello all,

On behalf of Volleyball WA we sincerely apologise for the late notice changes for the ATA Beach Volleyball Tournament.

For those of you who read the Volleyball WA website you will have seen the following information;

“We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience, but despite our best attempts and ongoing negotiations with the City of Stirling we are unable to place five courts onto the beach due to movement of the sand and the inability to have the area leveled to provide us the court space we required. Unfortunately, we are also unable to play at City Beach as the Beach has already been booked by another user group”.

 In way of further information, VWA had been liaising closely with the City of Stirling for the last week, including emails, telephone calls and site visits, but despite both parties best attempts the beach was not able to be leveled adequately enough to provide the five courts required for your tournament.

This meant that we were placed in a position that an alternative location needed to be provided to ensure that you were actually able to play the tournament this weekend.  Unfortunately City Beach was not available, although fortunately Inner City Beach was, and thus you were able to play at the Inner City Beach location.

Adding to the challenges was the reduction to a four court tournament and thus the need to revisit all of the fixtures to ensure that all teams were able to play during the weekend.  Unfortunately, given all the circumstances already occurring this was made yet more problematic by the Bracketpal Server being ‘down’ and thus the VWA staff having to contact USA directly to ensure that we were able to provide the fixtures for the weekend.  We do acknowledge that this meant that the revised fixtures were thus not available to after midnight on the Friday evening.

We do thank you for your understanding and patience in regards to the weekend’s tournament, and whilst not ideal we do hope you enjoyed your weekend competition and are now looking forward to playing at Cottesloe in December.  We have seen that some concerns have been expressed on the Facebook page in regards to this competition, please be advised the following arrangements that have been confirmed by the Town of Cottesloe;

  • Cottesloe beach location change – South of Indiana’s to North of Indiana’s in front of tiered limestone seating – approved
  • Disabled Access Pathways – spectating will be achievable from the top of the tiered limestone seating

Once again our sincere apologies and thank you for your ongoing support of volleyball in Western Australia.

Kind Regards


On behalf of the Volleyball WA Staff and Board