Discover Volleyball

In 2016 Volleyball Australia and the Australian Sporting Commission engaged Gemba to review Volleyball’s participation pathways and products. The study provided a range of key insights including:

    • 1 in 4 Australian’s are interested in playing Volleyball;
    • Programs offering flexible or fitness benefits are most attractive to potential participants and lapsed participants;
    • Volleyball’s ability to promote fun and enjoyment is a point of differentiation from other activities.
    • The research estimated that there are at least 81,000 people in Western Australia playing some form of Volleyball

From this research Volleyball WA developed its 2018-2021 Strategic Plan with a simple vision to make Volleyball ‘the game for all’. Utilising this Volleyball WA have developed the Discover Volleyball campaign.

Discover Volleyball will initially see Volleyball WA deliver 13 new and improved products and programs over the next twelve months. Focusing on providing entry points into the sport through social play, Discover Volleyball will deliver active ways for both current members and newcomers to play Volleyball.

“Volleyball is a game for all and through these Discover Volleyball programs and products we will be able to engage everybody who aspires to play the sport. Discover Volleyball is our chance to truly reflect the modern Australian.” Volleyball WA CEO Robyn Kuhl said.

“Australia’s sporting culture is more than a pitch or a court. It is woven into the daily lives of every Australian, which means as a sport we can no longer limit ourselves to a traditional structure sporting model. We must innovate the delivery of sport to better meet Australian society.”

The Australian Sport Commission have already identified ‘the sports played in Australia, as well as how and why we play, are changing.’ More than 39% of West Australians are born outside of the country which means sports like cricket and AFL, which currently dominate the WA sporting landscape, will not be as familiar as Volleyball.

“The shifting demographics of our society will continue to transform the nature of Australia’s sporting culture and as one of the largest participatory sports in the world, Volleyball is in a unique position to capitalise on the way individuals engage sport.”

Discover Volleyball’s programs and products have been designed utilising the WA Government’s Active Living For All: A Framework for Physical Activity in WA. Research from the World Health Organisation, Australian Sports Commission and the WA Government all identify a growing need for relevant activities to combat the growing inactivity of the modern life. In particular the WA Government have the identified the importance of physical activity and active lifestyles on the overall health of West Australians.

“Significant individual, family, community, organisational and environmental changes are required to increase levels of physical activity and improve overall mental and physical health and wellbeing.”

Focusing on the concept of social play, Discover Volleyball has been designed to remove cultural, social and economic barriers in order to get people playing.

“Volleyball is a sport of equity. It is a sport with gender parity and worldwide appeal, which means Australia’s growing diversity will only strength the commercial arm of the sport. All our research and feedback have said the longevity of the sport needs to include social play programs and products.” Kuhl said.

“This isn’t about ceasing what we already do. Traditional Volleyball players can be rest assured we will continue to develop our key competitive programs including the Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour, WA Volleyball League and WA Volleyball Junior League. This is about expanding our brief to better engage the 81,000 people who are already playing volleyball and provide opportunities for those who wish to play the sport”

The initial 13 Discovery Volleyball products and programs will be rolled out in three stages alongside the ongoing delivery of Volleyball WA’s pre-existing core business. These products and programs will provide more ways for individuals to play the sport, without having to commit to the traditional competitive club-structure programs.

As part of this campaign Volleyball WA has partnered with 10 current WA volleyball players and families to help champion these programs and products. As the Discover Volleyball ambassadors these players reflect the values on which Volleyball WA operate; inclusive, family, respect, growth and wellbeing.

Volleyball will launch the first stage of programs in the coming month. Kids Volley delivered by Spikezone gets underway on July 24th. Expanding to six locations around the state in Term 3, Kids Volley has been designed to introduce primary school aged kids to the basics of volleyball in a fun environment. To register or find out more, click here.

The first Casual Volley program, #HerGame, will get underway on August 4th through the support of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries Targeted Participation Funding. Designed as a female only program, #HerGame is about empowering teenage girls and females from Cultural and linguistically diverse communities through sport. To find out more click here.

Volleyball WA will continue to update all of its stakeholders with more information as it become available. Stage Two of Discover Volleyball is scheduled to be released in September alongside a state wide activation.To find out more about the Discover Volleyball programs and products please contact the Volleyball WA office at [email protected] or call the office on 08 9228 8522.