Spiking Festive Vibes: Volleyball WA Serves Up a Healthy Holiday Season

As the tinsel and twinkling lights signal the arrival of the festive season, Volleyball WA is championing more than just sportsmanship—it’s rallying its community to prioritise both physical and mental well-being this Christmas and New Year break. With a shared commitment to health, Volleyball WA is encouraging its members to score a point for themselves by staying active and maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing throughout the holiday hustle.

Recognising the pivotal role that physical activity plays in supporting mental health, a variety of locations have courts for booking throughout the holiday period. For those eager to spike their holiday plans with some volleyball action, reservations can be made through VolleyMates, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

This collective effort by the WA volleyball community goes beyond promoting an active lifestyle; it creates a sense of togetherness and support. By encouraging individuals to care for both their physical and mental health, the community is setting a positive tone for the holiday season.

As the curtain falls on the year, Volleyball WA is sending a resounding message of unity and well-being, underscoring the importance of health and happiness during the festive period. Fostering a culture of mindfulness, the community hopes to inspire its members to carry these values into 2024, establishing a robust foundation for a healthy and vibrant new year.

To reserve your spot on the courts, visit Volleyball WA’s website here. Let the games begin!