2020 Australian Junior Beach State Team Announced

Congratulations to the 43 junior athletes and ten coaches who have been selected to represent Western Australia at the 2020 Australian Junior Beach Volleyball Championships.

WA’s 18 teams are set to compete against the rest of Australia in Coolangatta, Queensland during the ten-day Gold Coast Volleyslam.

“This year’s team is an exciting combination of new and familiar faces. The teams have come together nicely and I know they are ready to stake their claim for some national titles.” Jackie Tamburri, Volleyball WA State Teams and Events Coordinator said.

Volleyball WA Coaching Staff

Senior Head Coach: Gareth Whitehead

Team Coaches: Kevin Ermacora, Greg Hunt, Ryan Penno, Beth Morris, Shelby Maher, Jennifer Harris, Tim Everett, Craig Davies and Andy Mackenzie

Volleyball WA Female Junior Beach State Teams


Team 1: Ava Tweedie, Charlotte Shillington, Fluer Parsons, Rosie Alchin

Team 2: Alicia Fogwill, Georgia Hamer, Jood Al Jashammi, Natalie Lim, Zafirah Lerno


Team 1: Phoebe Lewis & Sophie Strachan

Team 2: Ella Schabort & Jennifer Parker


Team 1: Caitlin Whincup & Elizabeth Alchin

Team 2: Alexia Zammit & Cassandra Dodd

Team 3: Giovana Paiva & Asha Parsons


Team 1: Amelie Warburton & Lucy Tyler

Team 2: Alexandra Thomason & Samantha Shillington

Volleyball WA Male Junior Beach State Teams


Team 1: Adam Trezise, Alexander Gavranic, Jake Harburn, Mitchell Opalinski


Team 1: Danyl Mathews & Sebastian Northmore

Team 2: Miles Mathieson & Sam Rixson

Team 3: Jozua McMeekin & Mitchell Barnett

Team 4: Joel Ukich & Joshua McCreery


Team 1: Finlay Gordon & Jed Walker

Team 2: Ethan Harriduth & Eu Jin Looi


Team 1: Dane Ukich & Oliver Oaten

Team 2: Bailey Williams & Leighton Kelly

Volleyball WA would like to wish the team the best of luck for the 2020 National titles.

To stay up to date with all of the national action, head to Volleyball WA’s Facebook and Instagram page. Otherwise, for more information about the ten-day Gold Coast Volleyslam event, click HERE.