Star Physio – Supporting Volleyball WA for over 20 years!


With the return of the AVL in 2022, Star Physio will be courtside, supporting our top indoor players at all home games!

Star Physio are expert in the management of volleyball injuries. Our staff has worked with elite volleyball for 25 years including National Indoor Teams and Beach Volleyball Players. We strive to give volleyball players the most up-to-date evidence and care, to keep athletes playing or spend the minimum time necessary off the court!

Volleyball is a unique sport, with unique injuries, but commonly, these can be managed with good rehabilitation while continuing to train and play. Too often we learn that players have been told to rest when exercise may be the best form of treatment. A lot has changed in the management of pain and injuries in the last 20 years but sadly, many health professionals have not kept up with the evidence, and are giving players outdated information.

The Star Physio team is at the forefront of research and education in WA and is always up to date with the best information. We also work closely with a team of podiatrists, sports physicians, and orthopaedic surgeons.

Trust the volleyball experts in WA and support the team that supports your team!

Volleyball WA members receive a 10% discount on consultation fees, priority emergency appointments, and heavily discounted Athlete Screening appointments.

For more information on Star Physio you can visit their website