Sports Centre to Support Perth Steel

Volleyball WA is pleased to announce the appointment of Sports Centre as our new uniform supplier.

Uniforms are important for sporting teams because they create a sense of unity and team spirit. They also help to identify the team and create a sense of pride and belonging. Uniforms also help to create a sense of professionalism and respect for the team and its players.

Sports Centre is a 100% Australian owned company employing over 35 full-time staff, specialising in garment manufacturing, sublimation, graphic design, embroidery, digital printing, screen-printing and equipment. Their WA operation is based in Myaree, and we are looking forward to working with them to develop a new range of State Team uniforms and others in 2023.

Since the Perth Steel will be representing our State in the refreshed Australian Volleyball Super League (previously AVL), getting this design right will be crucial to support the team’s brand and their image among fans.

Volleyball is predominately an athlete funded sport at the top levels, so sponsorship is vitally important because it provides individuals with the financial support to help cover the costs of training, travel, equipment, and other expenses like uniforms. As part of this new agreement, Sports Centre will be sponsoring the WA Steel teams on-court playing uniform making it possible for many of our elite athletes to pursue their sporting dreams.

Volleyball WA values all of our partnerships and looks forward to working with Sports Centre to grow Volleyball in WA.

For more information about Sports Centre you can visit their website