Mandurah Cup 2024 Recap

The Mandurah Cup 2024, hosted by Mandurah Volleyball Association, took place April 13th with 20 teams from the regions of the South West, Peel, and Perth Metro competing in 5 divisions. We were able to witness some spectacular social volleyball throughout the day. It was a great sight to see teams from the newly formed Baldivis Volleyball Association and a South West Fijian team who were proud to have won their first volleyball tournament (Men’s A Res) after moving to the region just a year ago.

Joe from the South West Fijian Volleyball team expressed his gratitude to the Mandurah Volleyball Association saying, “We appreciate that the players will never forget it when they go back home, it’s their first volleyball tournament win. Most of them have been here for one year and I try to get them to commit to community work and sports, especially volleyball because they love to play for fun. We had our first big win and are now looking forward to playing in more upcoming tournaments.”

The VWA Regional Development Coordinator for the Peel region, who is also the Development Officer for the Mandurah Volleyball Association also provided support in the lead up to the event, Here’s to hoping that the Mandurah Cup continues to grow and become an even bigger success in the future!

Here are the results:

Men’s A

  1. Patella Bender-nitis
  2. Mandurah

Men’s A Res

  1. Southwest Fijian Volleyball
  2. Big Dogs

Men’s B

  1. West Coast
  2. Baldivis Redbacks

Women’s A

  1. Mixed Beans
  2. Mandurah

Women’s B

  1. Collie
  2. Mandurah