Tom Clark: Capturing the Essence of Volleyball Through Lens and Heart


Meet Tom Clark, the hidden champion of the volleyball community, whose dedication and passion have earned him the title of Sport West’s Rebel Community Sport Volunteer of Summer.


Tom’s role as a photographer for the Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour (ATABT) was more than just capturing moments – it was about preserving memories and embodying the spirit of the game.


His commitment went beyond photography. He ensured that every athlete had access to their memories by personally curating and sending them their photos, fostering a sense of connection within the community.


By allowing Volleyball WA to use his work for promotion, Tom extended his impact beyond the court, enhancing the visibility and prestige of the ATABT.


Tom’s selfless dedication, sacrificing personal time as a volunteer, underscored his passion for photography and unwavering support for the beach volleyball community, leaving an enduring mark on both the ATABT and the lives of those involved, enriching the sport and fostering a sense of camaraderie.


For his outstanding service and commitment, Tom Clark has been honored as the recipient of the Rebel Community Sport Volunteer of the Month award, showcasing his passion, generosity, and talent.


Congratulations Tom!