Volleyball supports seniors active ageing.


Who said ageing can’t be fun! Clearly not the clients at the West Perth, Bethanie Social Centre who today took on several other centres in a friendly Chair Volley competition.

Most people have had experience with ball sports at some point in their lives, whether at school, in their younger years or as a sport during their lifetime like football, netball, basketball, soccer. “Hitting a ball” is something that comes naturally to most people, the goal – winning – is achieved in a group and volleyball can be done seated.

A lot of Bethanie’s clients say “I used to play… golf, tennis etc., but can’t do this anymore”. Seated volleyball offers an opportunity for our clients to continue doing things they enjoyed, being active, engaging in a competitive sport or simply having fun. Volleyball offers a role for everyone: playing, some clients choose to help set up or score, and some even cheer from the sidelines. It is fun and a good work out.

Chair Volley is an adapted version of Volleyball aimed at seniors but could also be played in an office, hospital recreation room or kindy classroom. In any situation where mobility or space could be a challenge. It uses a lighter ball which could be a balloon, blow up beach ball or light volleyball. The lighter ball allows for greater variance of physical fitness or ability and encourages movement rather than skill.

Some of the benefits of Chair Volleyball include:

Physical Wellbeing                       Mental Wellbeing

Neck flexibility                                Social engagement

Core strength                                 Concentration

Hand-eye coordination                 Laughter

Shoulder mobility                           Part of a team/A sense of belonging


The good old saying “when you don’t use it, you lose it” has some fundamental truth in it. Active ageing means living your life to your fullest, adapting what you do to your abilities and needs. This is the case for every time in the life span.

A lot of people adapt their sporting activities in middle age to those gentler on the body, like walking, going to the gym, or yoga. The same is the case for later life.  Once again activities, and how we go about in our daily life, is adapted so we can live in a meaningful way that reflects who we are. People continue to be social, competitive, fun, interested in many things irrelevant of their age.

Active ageing provides opportunities to do exactly that. In fact, maybe it should be called active living, as we all need to adapt how we can be active irrespective of age.

Volleyball events like the one held today, where being active is celebrated, is a major hit with participants. Winning, achievement, receiving a medal and trophy isn’t something reserved only for the younger generation, seniors too gain a sense of pride but also a sense that they CAN still do plenty of things.

For more information on our Adaptive Volley program please visit www.volleyballwa.com.au or call the office on 9228 8522.

P.S. Congratulations to the home team, Bethanie West Perth for their win.