Time to acknowledge some of our hardest working volunteers – our coaches!


International Coaching Week runs from May 17-24 which also happens to follow National Volunteer Week. Volleyball WA is taking this opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate some of our coaches many of whom dedicate countless volunteer hours to their clubs and communities.

Coaches are important to sporting teams and clubs in so many ways, they provide guidance, motivation, and direction to start. They help players develop their skills and knowledge of the game, and they help teams work together to achieve their goals.

Coaches also help to create a positive team atmosphere and foster team spirit. They are responsible for setting team goals and helping players reach them. Coaches encourage positive communication between team members and create an environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their opinions. They celebrate successes, both big and small they recognise individual and team effort.

Finally, coaches are important because they provide a sense of stability and continuity to the team. They do this by setting expectations and providing feedback, being consistent in their approach, and striving to create an environment where players feel comfortable and supported. Coaches also provide that friendly ear to listen to player’s concerns and ideas and are on hand to answer any questions.

This week you will hear from some of the coaches in our Volleyball community, the stories of how they got into coaching and what they get out of it, they will even inspire you to become a coach.

To find out more about coaching Volleyball visit www.volleyballwa.com.au/education