New Equipment Provides an Opportunity for People with a Disability to Play!



Volleyball WA is excited to announce that we were a recent recipient of a Para-Sport Equipment Grant from Paralympics Australia. The Para-sport Equipment fund is a joint initiative of Paralympics Australia and Sport Australia, supported by Paralympics Australia’s sponsors and donors.

It is designed to provide opportunities for Australians with disabilities to participate and compete in Para-sport by addressing some of the most significant challenges faced by Para-athletes and programs; the costs associated with obtaining Para-sport equipment, which in many cases must be customised for the participant.

Volleyball WA has used the money to provide a new sporting option for people living with disabilities in Western Australia. Prior to receiving this grant, there was no opportunity to participate in a long-term Sitting Volleyball program in WA.

This grant enabled Volleyball WA to establish new programs with quality equipment and the flexibility to direct a greater proportion of our budget towards providing quality coaches and venues to potential new athletes.

This new equipment has also been used to invest in Sitting Volleyball in regional areas with equipment being distributed to our south-west branch, bringing a new sporting option to people living with a disability outside of the metropolitan area.

We have also introduced the equipment at school demonstrations and clinics, increasing the exposure of Sitting Volleyball to both able-bodied students and those living with a disability and raising the general awareness of para-sports in the wider community.

As Sitting Volleyball is a very popular global Paralympic sport, we hope this investment will drive further interest in the sport and create exciting pathways and choices for individuals that hope to excel in sport in the future.

For more information about Adaptive Volleyball please visit the website.