Youth Camp builds the next generation for the good of our sport

Volleyball WA is playing their part in supporting the growth of the game by keeping pace with the changing face of sport in our community and embracing future leaders.

Lead Volley Program

During the development of the Discover Volleyball program, Volleyball WA recognised a need to create a program dedicated to the development of young people in our sport. This started with the creation of a panel made up of younger players/coaches and officials. The panel provides insight into the High school market and helps shape the programs and products offered to this demographic.

The camp is one such offering whereby young people will be encouraged to join the two-day program in April at the West Australia Institute of Sport High Performance Centre. Targeting young people aged 14-17 the camp is open to members and non-members; the diversified programme is an excellent investment of time and money, providing skills for life.

“Young people are particularly important to guaranteeing the sustainability of our sport because of the intensity and energy they bring to the vision of what the game could be,” said Volleyball WA CEO Robyn Kuhl.

She also feels that “Young people will be the next generation of leaders, which means it is important for us to develop their skillsets. Improving attributes of leadership such as resilience, courage, confidence and enthusiasm means that we are working towards a better future.”

Youth Leadership

It sounds like a cliché, but young people really are our future and here are eight reasons why you should encourage their development and growth and get them involved in your club or association.

  • They bring enthusiasm and optimism to their work.
  • They understand next-gen trends.
  • They challenge assumptions.
  • They learn fast.
  • They are technologically smart.
  • They are your succession plan.
  • They’re fun to work with.
  • They are passionate about the mission.

For more information about the camp contact our Development Coordinator on 9228 8522 or [email protected].

To register for the event please head to or click here.