World ParaVolley 2014 Standing Beach Volleyball Championship

World ParaVolley – Standing Beach Volleyball World Championship

Volleyball Australia is proud to announce that World ParaVolley has approved the staging of the historic first Standing Beach Volleyball World Championship for athletes with a disability (men) at Glenelg Beach, Adelaide, South Australia, November 2014.


Volleyball Australia is undertaking fundraising for the World ParaVolley Standing Beach Championship for athletes with a disability. This event won’t happen without your help.

To assist with fundraising efforts, Volleyball Australia has registered the event with the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd. (ASF). ASF project registration enables donations of $2 or more in support of the project to be tax deductable.

Whilst donations must be made unconditionally to ASF, donors are able to nominate the World ParaVolley Standing Beach Championships as the preferred beneficiary of their donation. All ASF grants received by Volleyball Australia will be used to support this event.

If you would like to support Volleyball Australia’s fundraising endeavours with this project, please consider making an ASF donation.

To donate online click the link below, or to donate via cheque or cash please complete and sign the ASF donation form and return with your payment/details to the address listed. A receipt will be provided for taxation purposes.

Donations are voluntary, and any support would be greatly appreciated.

Please click here for more information and to donate.