Think Again High Schools Beach Cup Recap


The Think Again High Schools Beach Cup for Term 1 was played on a wonderfully sunny Sunday last week. Representing their schools, students competed for gold in either pairs or teams of four on the sand.

Congratulations to all the participants on an amazing day of beach volleyball, and an even bigger congratulations to our winning teams:

4 – A SIDE

7/8 A Female – Greenwood College 1

7/8 B Female – Merredin College

7/8 A Male – Hale School 1

7/8 B Male – Hale School

9/10 A Female – Greenwood College 3

9/10 B Female – Ross-wood Raiders

9/10 A Male – Small Medium Large

9/10 B Male – Kaiju

11/12 Female – Guildford Grammar 5

11/12 A Male – Greenwood College

11/12 B Male – Harrisdale SHS



9/10 Female – KD’s

9/10 Male – London/Armitage

11/12 Female – Tweedie/Alchin

11/12 Male – Fourie/Lance

A huge round of applause to all the teams for their outstanding sportsmanship and dedication on the courts. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the staff for their assistance in setting up, packing down, and running a successful event.

A special thank you to our main sponsor, Healthway, for their support of the Think Again High Schools Beach Cup.








The Think Again High Schools Beach Cup will be back for Term 4, on Sunday, October 27.