National Volunteer Week: Meet Charlie Grigio

As part of National Volunteer Week, our Club & People Development Coordinator, Kirsten Tyson, sat down with Mandurah Volleyball Association volunteer  Charlie Grigio to learn more about his volunteering and what it means to him to support his club. 

Charles Grigio, fondly known as Charlie, has left an indelible mark on volleyball in Western Australia over the past four decades. Since beginning his volleyball journey in 1981, Charlie has been a driving force both on and off the court. His contributions span playing, coaching, refereeing, and extensive administrative roles, reflecting his lifelong commitment to our wonderful sport.

Charlie’s influence is enormous. He served as President of the Northam Volleyball Association for 12 years and has been a stalwart at the Mandurah Volleyball Association for three decades, either as President or a key committee member. His dedication earned him the prestigious Order of Merit from Volleyball WA, and he holds life memberships in both the Northam and Mandurah Volleyball Associations.

Beyond his titles and accolades, Charlie is known for creating a welcoming, family-like atmosphere within the volleyball community. His passion for inclusivity and development led to the introduction of programs like Kids Volleyball and Teens Volleyball, fostering a new generation of players. Additionally, his forward-thinking approach has resulted in the creation of policies and procedures that make the sport accessible and enjoyable for future generations. Charlie’s hands-on approach and unwavering support have been instrumental in the growth of the Mandurah Volleyball Association.

Charlie’s profound impact on volleyball in WA is a testament to his enduring passion and selfless contributions. His sportsmanship, technical expertise, and dedication have earned him the title of a living legend. He remains an active player and a source of inspiration for other clubs, associations, and players alike.

On a personal note, working with Charlie has revealed the immense time and effort he dedicates not only to the Mandurah Volleyball Association but also to assisting other clubs and associations in achieving their best. His words resonate deeply: “I feel good that our Association can provide a safe and happy place for our people, particularly our younger ones, where they can participate and grow through volleyball.”

At the 2024 Volleyball WA Clubs Conference, Charlie was honoured for 42 years of volunteering by the Department of Communities in the WA Volunteer Service Awards. This recognition is a testament to his unwavering dedication and the positive impact he has had on countless lives.

Thank you, Charlie, for your incredible contributions and for being part of the heart and soul of volleyball in Western Australia.