I have a fitness program from the internet, is that enough?

The internet is a substantial resource for information today. If you web search “strength program for volleyball,” you’re shown several programs/workouts to follow, even a 6-week “Volleyball specific” program. However, here are some issues that I came across just from glancing at these.

  1. Improper scaling – it was not stated how to regress the exercise if it was too hard or progress if too easy. Also, since you don’t have a coach to help you, there’s no way of knowing if you’re ready for the exercises in the program or even if you’re doing them correctly.
  2. Too much volume – some of these programs had upwards of 30 sets for some of the sessions; the 6-week program had 38! This amount shows a lack of knowing how to target maximal adaptation in minimal time. Not to mention the massive fatigue and DOMS that will probably come after completing them.
  3. Improper intensity prescriptions – One program asked for Back squats at 85% max for four sets of 12 reps! You would only perform around six reps at 85% of a max lift for those who are unaware. If an inexperienced athlete finds this program on the web and then heads to a gym to complete it without high-level supervision, this is where injuries can occur.

Now, I don’t want to say that these programs are wrong; some certainly could hold their own if performed by the proper athlete. But without knowing who the program is for, what their training age is, what are their current strength levels, are they competent in a gym setting, etc., it’s hard to determine if it will be appropriate. More than any program, what most people need in the gym are guidance and coaching. A good coach can see when you’ve lost your positioning during a lift and teach you how to get it back and keep it. They can give you options on the days you just really don’t want to do those pullups. We can educate you on why we are doing things a certain way. We can progress or regress an exercise without you having to buy or find a completely different program. Most importantly, we can help you get closer to reaching your maximum potential in an optimal, safe way. These are just some of the things that a program from the internet can’t provide to you.

Corban Wroe | Strength and Conditioning Coach

B.S. Health Science | M.S. Exercise Science (S&C) | ASCA L2

Diamond – High Performance Centre
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