What are the new AVSL Rules!

In 2023 Volleyball Australia has changed things up to introduce a national competition that is a faster, high-energy, entertaining experience for spectators who are courtside or are for the first time watching the game at home on SBS.

For those curious about the rule changes to the Scape Australian Volleyball Super League game – here they are:

• Each round match will play five sets. A set is won by the team which scores 18 points first. (No need for a 2-point advantage)
• All intervals between sets last two minutes
• A maximum of three Power Plays (PP) per match per team
• Teams may request one Power Play per set
• The Power Play period lasts for 3 rallies after being approved by match officials
• Any rally won by the team that was approved the Power Play, will score 2 points
• No time-outs are allowed
• 6 Substitution Rule
• Maximum of 12 players including up to 1 libero

In this competition, successful Power Plays can affect a team’s standing on the leaderboard and earn them additional points towards the championship so watch out for these throughout the sets.

The full Rules & Regulations for those SUPER fans can be found on the league website.