Two Things to Consider This Beach Season


As the Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour kicks off this weekend; here are two things to consider.

  1. Have you built up enough tissue tolerance to avoid injury?

Beach volleyball is one of the only sports played on a sand surface. This surface challenges the muscles in very different and more challenging ways than a hard-court surface. Tissue injuries will occur without a base tolerance level for a sand surface. Ensure you spend enough time on the sand, even if it’s just going for a small run. If, after the first round, you experience high levels of soreness in the feet, shins, or calf, be sure first to see a physio to make sure it’s nothing serious, but then slowly build up some more tolerance during the weeks of no competition.

  1. Are you able to produce force in the sand?

The sand surface presents another performance challenge. The force you produce when running and jumping will dissipate when applied in the sand. This means that the force you create will not efficiently return to you, and you will require higher output levels to jump, run and jump as well as you would on a more rigid surface. What’s a simple way to produce more force? Strength training.

If you’d like to be tested on our force plates and see how much force you can produce compared to most of the WA’s top beach athletes who work with us, contact us through our website.


Story Courtesy of Diamond Fitness.

Corban Wroe

Diamond Head of Performance

B.S. Health Science | M.S. Exercise Science (S&C) | ASCA L2