WA Old Guns dominate in Adelaide

Volleyball WA would like to congratulate all of the WA players who represented their state and club at the recent Australian Masters Games.

The state was well represented across the indoor and beach volleyball competition collecting 16 medals across the eight-day event in Adelaide.

In the indoor competition Southern Cross Volleyball Club’s over 40 Men’s were undefeated throughout the competition with Mauro Vennitti, Chris Day, David Hedge, Tim Oats, Ian Phipps, Matt Thackray, Alwyn White and Alan Johns returning home with a gold medal. The Southern Cross over 40 Mixed team maintained the golden standard with Ayumi Avery, Chris Day, Cezanne Ezard, David Hedge, Tim Oats, Flavia Oats, Ian Phipps, Mauro Vennitti and Alwyn White also leaving Adelaide undefeated.

The Mighty Swans Women’s over 35 collected silver in their indoor competition and the Western Wallabies Mixed over 35 also winning gold.

Out on the sand WA’s medal haul continued to grow with an additional 12 teams collecting some silverware. In the men’s pair competition Matt Thackray and Alan Johns won gold and Chris Day and Tim Oats collected silver in the over 40’s, while in the over 50’s Alwyn White and Mauro Vennitti won silver and in the over 55’s Robert Lislois and Carl Nicolas won gold.

In the women’s pair competition Cezanne Ezard and Flavia Oats won gold in the over 40’s competition and Pam Jackson and Claudia Tiedemann won silver in the over 45’s.

The Mixed pairs competition saw Robert Lislois and Claudia Tiedemann win gold in the over 55’s and in the over 45’s competition Carl Nicolas and Regina Celisova won silver

While in the women’s 4s competition WA collected two golds with the Might Subs in the over 35’s and Hijinx in the over 40’s both winning their final. In the men’s 4s Southern Cross increased their medal tally with a gold in the over 40 men’s and a joint silver with Tasmania.

Congratulations to all of our master athletes who took part, we look forward to seeing you all compete on home soil over the coming months.