WA Masters bag an impressive number of medals at Pan Pacific Masters Games


The Gold Coast hosted another successful 10-day multi-sport Pan Pacific Masters Games this month at which WA was well represented.

The sporting action and adrenalin spread right across the city with venues from Coomera to Carrara, Jacobs Well to Woongoolba and more than 40 fields, courts, and swimming pools in between.

A total of 18,000 medals were awarded in 42 sports to the 13,500 participants who came from every corner of Australia and 25 countries including teams from the UK, Canada, Sri Lanka, and Guam.

The WA masters volleyball community competed across 8 events with divisions split by age category. In Beach Volleyball there were Men’s Pairs, Men’s Fours, Women’s Pairs, Women’s Fours, Mixed Pairs, and Mixed Fours. In Indoor Volleyball there were Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed. Some indoor competitors played up to 7 games in a day, with each game allocated 60 minutes.

The result for WA was 13 Gold, 5 Silver, and 4 Bronze, with team members and categories as follows:


Event Medal Age Division Team Name Players
Beach Men’s 4s Silver 50+ Way Out West Denis Webb, David Hedge, Ian Phipps, Murray Cocking
Beach Men’s 4s Bronze 50+ May the Spike Be With You Mauro Vennitti, Alwyn White, Romano Fracassini, Robert Lislois
Beach Men’s Pairs Silver 50+ Hedge/Phipps David Hedge, Ian Phipps
Beach Men’s Pairs Gold 60+ Full of Hits Romano Fracassini, Robert Lislois
Beach Mixed 4s Gold 50+ Sets in the City Claudia Tiedemann, Cezanne Vennitti, Robert Lislois, Mauro Vennitti
Beach Mixed 4s Silver 60+ Sandsquad60s Romano Fracassini, Evelina Fracassini, Joan Strikwerda, Jordan Metlikovec
Beach Mixed Pairs Gold 30+ Size Matters Tristan Raven, Elizabeth Moore
Beach Mixed Pairs Bronze 50+ P & T Ian Phipps, Theresa George
Beach Mixed Pairs Gold 55+ Spiked Punch Robert Lislois, Claudia Tiedemann
Beach Women’s 4s Gold 30+ Rotto Ayumi Shinjo, Sheila Su, Youjin Lee, Yuki Paull, Naho Kazami
Beach Women’s 4s Bronze 40+ Wonderwomen Theresa George, Cezanne Vennitti, Flavia Oats, Angela McKenzie
Beach Women’s 4s Gold 40+ Gold Fishies Claudia Tiedemann, Sophie Gittins,Ursula Lindeberg, Linda Raahauge
Beach Women’s 4s Gold 65+ Swansong Joan Strikwerda, Anne Wells, Jan Perry, Wendy McPherson, Julie Richardson
Beach Women’s Pairs Gold 45+ Blind Date Claudia Tiedemann, Sophie Giitins
Beach Women’s Pairs Bronze 50+ Sandy Sets Theresa George, Cezanne Vennitti
Indoor Men’s Gold 50+ Way Out West David Hedge, Ian Phipps, Denis Webb, Nick McKenzie, Murray Cocking, Chris Day, Alwyn White, Mauro Vennitti, Paul Grimmett
Indoor Mixed Silver 50+ Mixedfits Theresa George, Cezanne Vennitti, Mauro Vennitti, Vaughan Masters, Alwyn White, Flavia Oats, Murray Cocking, Chris Day, Angela McKenzie
Indoor Mixed Gold 50+ Glued Together David Hedge, Ian Phipps, Denis Webb, Nick McKenzie, Annemarie McDonald, Deb Elphick, Sheila Su, Vicky Andrews
Indoor Mixed Gold 60+ Aussie Roos Joan Strikwerda, Jan Perry, Wendy McPherson, Julie Richardson, Noelene Swanson, Anne Chadwick  (with Eastern States players)
Indoor Women’s Silver 30+ Rotto Quokkas Ayumi Shinjo, Sheila Su, Naho Kazami, Ari Cavagnini, Youjin Lee, Yuki Paull, Claire Ong
Indoor Women’s Gold 50+ Coast to Coast Theresa George, Cezanne Vennitti, Deb Elphick, Jo Frederickson, Annemarie McDonald, Vicky Andrews, Angela McKenzie, Flavia Oats
Indoor Women’s Gold 60+ Swansong Joan Strikwerda, Anne Wells, Jan Perry, Wendy McPherson, Julie Richardson, Noelene Swanson, Anne Chadwick

A huge congratulations to all competitors and continuing to play the game to such a high standard. Thanks for showing the community that Volleyball is a game for all.

For more information about how you might be able to Re-Discover Volleyball or play a version suited to your ability visit www.volleyballwa.com.au


Story & Photos courtesy of David Hedge.