Spikezone Grows Primary School Volleyball in Cockburn 

With a focus on fun and participation, Volleyball has grown as part of Cockburn Central School Sporting Association’s success. Launching their first of two summer inter-school carnivals on Friday, the CCSSA has a lot to be proud of. Growing from four schools to nine in just four years, the CCSSA have pushed to include more schools as they endeavour to level the playing field.

As one of the sports on offer, Volleyball has helped contribute to their success and was in full swing on Friday with more than 50 primary school students playing. Beeliar, Success, Yangebup and Hammond Park primary schools had eight teams taking part in the first full day of competition, with a further four local primary schools set to take place next week.

“The day is all about giving the kids a chance to play sport and have fun with volleyball. This is the first year we’ve been able to provide each team with a full roster of games, which is a great achievement for any primary school sport based competition.” Local Southside Storm Volleyball Club member Carly Walters said.

Organisers have credited the introduction of Spikezone as a major part of Volleyball’s success in the area. Previously each school would differ between junior and adult sized courts and equipment,  however the introduction of Spikezone has helped create an equal playing field for all schools and allowed them to get involved in Volleyball.

For more information about Volleyball WA’s Spikezone program please contact Volleyball WA at [email protected]