Nine ways to get behind the growth and development of Volleyball in WA!


Like many of Australia’s sporting organisations Volleyball WA operates as a not-for-profit entity and plays a pivotal role in making physical activity opportunities accessible to all West Australians.

In 2021, more than 181,000 people participated in our sport, and we delivered 292 events, programs, clinics and courses to our community.

State Sporting Organisations including Volleyball WA are heavily reliant on all levels of government for funding, infrastructure, regulation and governance support in order to operate their sport. In addition, support comes from the International and National Sporting Organisations, private venue operators, clubs, players, coaches, referees and volunteers.

Grassroots sport and recreation provides a diverse mix of opportunities for people of all backgrounds and abilities and, for a small few, provides the foundation for a career at the elite level. It is also a means of delivering a much wider social impact, promoting healthier lives, belonging and the sense of community. In this state, Volleyball WA is very much committed to increasing participation opportunities in our sport and runs programs for kids, teens through to masters, for those with different physical and intellectual abilities as well as events for our CaLD communities.

In Australia, Volleyball is an amateur sport which is primarily player funded, having sponsorship allows the sport to deliver our many community based activities, programs and events as well as supporting our high performance athletes to focus more on the training and production of their sports and reduce stress when it comes to finding money to train and travel to events.

Volleyball WA has just released its partnership prospectus, detailing nine opportunities for the corporate sector to get behind one of the world’s most popular sports and align their brand to a sport which is inspiring healthy minds and bodies as well as providing an opportunity to everyone to play in WA.

Opportunities range from simple to complex, from no cash investment to $15,000, supporting community level sport to high performance. To discuss how you can get involved in supporting the growth and development of Volleyball in WA contact our office on 9228 8522 or [email protected].