COVID-19 Update – New Social Distancing Measures

Volleyball WA would like to update the community on new social distancing measures for both indoor and outdoor gatherings that come in to immediate effect (20 March 2020).

The Prime Minister announced this afternoon an update to previous social distancing measures for COVID-19 (Coronavirus). As of this update, all indoor gatherings must have less than 100 people in attendance and now have “a density of no more than one person per four square metres of floor space… [which] will be mandated through state and territory regulatory arrangements.”

While all outdoor events must have less than 500 people and in a given occupied space, there must be no more than one person per four square metres of ground space.

Based on these new measures, Volleyball WA would like to stress that all volleyball activities must meet these new measures before continuing. If your indoor activity does not meet these measures, nor Sport Australia’s COVID-19 guidelines, then you should not proceed with the event in its current format.

Volleyball WA would like to remind the community that volleyball activities are still available at this stage, and we would encourage our affiliates to consider some of the following:

  • Outdoor kits, both adult and kids, are available for hire. Affiliates can access the kits at a discounted price and can be set up on any grassed area.
  • Volleyball WA beach courts in West Perth and Cockburn are still available for hire. Please contact Volleyball WA on 08 9228 8522 to secure your court.
    • Please note that the organisation will be implementing social distancing measures at both venues for people booking.
  • A number of our Indoor (Hard Court), Indoor Beach and Beach Volleyball clubs are still operating under social distancing and personal hygiene measures. Contact Volleyball WA on 08 9228 8522 to find out more.
  • Permanent poles can be found at City Beach. The beach is free to play on and has a first come first serve policy. These poles can also be hired out exclusively via the Town of Cambridge.
    • Please note that participants will need to take their own net. Volleyball WA has Discover Volleyball Kits that includes a net and are available for purchase.
    • Cottesloe Beach poles were removed for the now-cancelled Sculptures by the Sea.

Volleyball WA will continue to review all upcoming events and would like to notify the WA Volleyball League clubs and players, that further information around the 2020 competition will be released next week.

Finally Volleyball WA would like to repeat the Prime Minister’s closing statement as a reminder around the part every West Australian has to play.

“If we keep holding together, then we will continue to make our way through this, we will get to the other side and on the other side, Australia will be stronger.”

If you need more information or have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact the Volleyball WA offices on 08 9228 8522 or via email [email protected].