A letter from the Volleyball WA Board

Dear Volleyball WA Participants,

Over the last few months, our world and sense of normality have been changed. We have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the almost constant state of change it has imposed. As a result, Volleyball WA has taken steps to help keep Western Australian’s safe and our sport alive.

The staff and the board have worked tirelessly to keep our community together and help you maintain a connection with the sport we love. Your ongoing feedback and engagement have been a welcome refuge, and we hope you have enjoyed our new media initiatives.

We are proud to claim that more than 177,700 people played volleyball at the beaches, in the rec centres, out in the backyard and in the living room in 2019. So thank you! 

However, in 2020, our ability to provide volleyball to these 177,700 people has been restricted. Instead of preparing fixtures for the opening few weeks of the WA Volleyball League or Term 2 of Sporting Schools, we have been focusing on keeping our sport alive.

We are working closely with the WA Government and the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries to welcome you back on to the court, sand and grass as soon as we can.

However, in order for us to sustain the sport, we must ask you for help.

As we wait for further social distancing measures to be lifted, we have two ways you can support volleyball in WA.

1. Buy gold now, upgrade later.

We know that a lot of our indoor and beach volleyball players have been hit financially by the COVID-19 pandemic. To help, you can purchase a 2020/21 Gold Membership now and upgrade to a Platinum Membership when you join one of Volleyball WA’s premier events (e.g. 2020 WA Volleyball League or the 2020/21 Alcohol. Think Again Beach Tour).

2. Buy platinum, and you could win.

While not everyone is in a position to purchase a Platinum Membership, we understand that some players are eager to buy their new membership. Therefore, as a way to say thank you, if you purchase a Platinum Membership, you will go into the running to win a $100 Rebel Sports Gift Card. For every 30 Platinum Memberships sold, we will announce a winner.

To help promote the sport and our clubs, Volleyball WA has also developed a club Platinum Membership competition with $900 in Mikasa volleyballs up for grabs. To show your support, when you buy a Platinum Membership and choose your club, we will be counting. The first club to 50 members wins five FREE V200W volleyballs. The second club to 50 members will receive three FREE V200W volleyballs, and third place will get one free ball.

Volleyball WA will continue to look at initiatives and partnerships to help secure our sport and support our members.

Sport has, is and will continue to be an essential part of our Australian way of living. As a dual Olympic sport, we are proud to champion volleyball in our state and make it the game for all. We hope you join us and support your sport as we look to rebuild and relaunch volleyball in 2020.


The Volleyball WA Board