2019 Volley Award Nominees Announced

Volleyball WA are excited to announce the 2019 Volley Award Nominees. More than 85 Volleyball WA members have been nominated across 33 recognition and MVP awards.

Rossmoyne Volleyball club and Reds Volleyball club will be well represented with 13 nominees at each club, followed closely by Balcatta Volleyball Club with 11 nominees.

The 2019 Volley Awards are set for October 12th at Perth City’s Duxton Hotel. The evening will celebrate the 2018/2019 season and it’s many shining moments

Albany Volleyball Club (4)

Scott Leary

Aaron Bailey

Zachary Clapp

Indigo Bew

Balcatta Volleyball Club (11)

Paul Prindiville

Cameron Dall

Jenette Brown

Kim Ellwood

Jen Beer (nee Day)

Maksim Bacovic

Korben Phillips

Mandy Combes

Benjamin Farley

Rachel Tausem

Kailyn Smith

ECU Chequers Volleyball Club (8)

Kalina Bartlett

Jen Harris

Olivia Stewart

Jasmine Serra

Dylan Wood

Lachlan MacNeil

Mimi Castrence

Brittany Griffiths

Fremantle Volleyball Club (5)

Gareth Whitehead

Stue Carr

Renee Harvey

Derek Scales

Dario Lequaglie

Northern Stars Volleyball Club (9)

Cole Durant

Waverley Burling

Christian Malinovic

Ky Landers

Ben Gray

Ross Stephenson

Ryan Penno

Sharon Parker

Adin Pansing

Northshore Volleyball Academy (2)

Jayson Fox

Ky Landers

Reds Volleyball Club (13)

Michael Dempsey

Lewis Peach

Sam Bateman

Tia Chamberlain

Sarah Burton

Laurel Wentworth

Jason Laverdure

Zak Dempsey

Connor McNab

Matthew Costa

Jackson Barnett

Natalie Whittington

Jessaby Drown

Rossmoyne Volleyball Club (13)

Jen Sadler

Jonathan Hague

Minna Arminen

Tessa Browne

Rory Read

Carly Walters

Dixie Hyatt

Sophie Alchin

Joseph Paul

David Leong

Caitlin Whincup

Elizabeth Alchin

Phoebe Lewis

Southern Cross Volleyball Association (7)

Pauline Manser

Luke Smith

AJ Hedge

Stephen Page

Chris Day

Mitchell Bruce

Francisco Caca

University of Western Australia Volleyball Club (9)

Tara Binnie (nee West)

Kyla Sanchez

Joshua Howat

Matt Pallot

Ames Chew Jhen Foong

Travis Colledge

Keete Kreen

Desiree Tan

Charizza Manalaysay

West Coast Beach Volleyball Club (2)

John Bozich

Tomasz Herda

Beach and International Nominees

Christopher Adams

Paul Burnett

Luke Perry

Max Staples
Sam Walker

All 2019 Volley Awards nominees can access a discounted ticket for the evening. Every WAVL State League club has a table at this year’s awards, so be sure to contact your Club President. Otherwise contact Volleyball WA at [email protected] to receive the discount ticket portal.

If you want to attend the 2019 Volley Awards at the Duxton Hotel on the 12th of October, you can purchase a standard ticket HERE.