2019 Clubs Conference

On a very busy weekend with the 2019 Volley Awards and the Level 3 Coaching Course, Volleyball WA ran the 2019 Clubs Conference. Held on the 12th of October at the East Perth Football Club, 22 people attended from 15 of our Affiliated Clubs, Associations and the Indoor Beach Volleyball Federation.

The day started with an address from Volleyball WA’s President Ian Phipps. Ian welcomed everyone, explained the role of the Volleyball WA Board and spoke about all of Volleyball WA’s achievements. These achievements included a 55% growth of total participation, including 66% growth for Public Open Spaces participants and 35% growth for CaLD participants from 2017 to the end of 2018.

Following the address, the presentations that took place on the day were Volleyball WA 2018 – 2021 Strategic Plan, Marketing and Communication, Affiliation Survey, Case Studies on incidents that could happen within clubs, National Principles for Child Safe Organisations and a Lead Volley presentation.

The 2018 – 2021 Strategic Plan session involved everyone completing a live survey to rate where they believe volleyball in Western Australia is at for each of the outcomes. The next step was to workshop the three or four priorities for 2020 for each of the pillars of the Strategic Plan. The results collated from the day’s workshop identified the following as the top priorities for each pillar:

Participation Pathways
·         Juniors (start early, participation and retention)

·         Recapturing of past players/player retention

·         Growth within capacity


·         Club Development

·         Support for athletes (at social level looking to get back to competitive level)

·         Increase support for elite athletes and increase high level competitions


Profile People
·         Sponsorship (club and state level)

·         Social media (training/timing)

·         Player profiles

·         Promote places to play (indoor, indoor beach, beach, public open spaces)

·         Volunteers (reduce workload and increase numbers, and training)

·         Development and support for clubs

·         Reduce administration burden on clubs/share workload more

“It was a fantastic turnout by our affiliates at this years Clubs Conference. Everyone was so engaged in all of the presentations and took away lots of information from the day” Volleyball WA Club and Workforce Development Coordinator Julian Lloyd said.

For the Clubs Conference, Volleyball WA was fortunate to organise Lorraine Donachie from SportWest to attend as a guest speaker. Lorraine touched on the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations, but the main focus was about Working with Children Checks. The presentation involved a scenario and group discussion on referees requiring a WWCC.

Thank you to all of the Clubs, Associations and the Indoor Beach Volleyball Federation for attending.