Volleyball WA introduces an advanced ATAR Skills Teacher Professional Development Workshop



Volleyball is an increasingly popular sport in schools. There are several high schools with specialist programs, many that enter the WA High Schools Cup and loads more that host in-term clinics. To meet the demand from teachers, Volleyball WA has developed an ATAR Skills Teacher PD workshop.

It is aimed at coaches/teachers who are looking to take their athletes past the basic ‘beginner’ level of our sport and explore the more complex strategic systems to allow their students to show a higher level of understanding and ultimately a higher level of success.

Our presenters go over the basic offensive and defensive systems that are the building blocks upon all high-level volleyball systems and will attempt to break each system down into not only what it looks like, but why teams choose to use each system. Hopefully, in unpacking the reason behind each system, a better understanding can be found.

The workshops are ideal for teachers who have volleyball experience and/or have participated in a basic Volleyball WA Teacher Professional Development Workshop previously. It is particularly relevant to teachers who cover ATAR Volleyball, Physical Education Studies Volleyball units, and any other advanced Volleyball teachings. School Volleyball coaches including IGSSA, PSA and ACC are also encouraged to attend.

The 4-hour workshop includes 2 hours on offense and the same on defense split into a practical and theory component.

Volleyball WA’s first Advanced ATAR Skills Professional Development Workshop will be held on:

Date: Friday 18th November 2022

Time: 8am – 12pm

Location: Lords Recreation Centre, Subiaco

Price: $120

Register Here

The next Advanced ATAR Skills Teacher Professional Development Workshop will be on Friday, March 13, 2023. Teachers can register and find more information here

For any more information please contact [email protected] or 9228 8522.