Spikezone is Volleyball Australia’s modified version of Volleyball and beach volleyball designed specifically to increase participation opportunities for primary and early secondary school students aged between 8 and 13 years.

  • Spikezone Volleyball is a fun and energetic activity
  • Spikezone Volleyball is a great team sport
  • Spikezone Volleyball increases coordination and socialisation skills
  • Spikezone Volleyball is a non-contact gender-equal sport
  • With Spikezone Volleyball all equipment is provided, you just need to bring yourself and a drink bottle

 Goals of Spikezone

The goal of Spikezone is to grow the sport of Volleyball nationally within schools, therefore enabling more children to experience the sport and provide the foundation to continue Australia’s success on the world stage.

The Spikezone Program Format

The Spikezone program is designed for children where they can learn and play volleyball in a fun, game orientated learning environment. It is a great group activity for kids and all their friends.  Spikezone is a series of skill and game-related coaching sessions designed to introduce players to Volleyball in a fun and active way. Courses are conducted by accredited Volleyball Australia coaches over a 8–9 week period at local venues and schools.

How to Play

Like Volleyball, Spikezone is about getting the ball over the net in three hits or less and winning the rally. Teams will win if:

  • The ball hits the ground in the opposition’s court
  • The opposition fails to return the ball over the net in three hits or
  • The opposition hits the ball out of court

Spikezone Modifications

The modifications for Spikezone that are different from Volleyball include:

  • A smaller sized court (13 metres by 6.5 metres)
  • A lower net height (2 metres)
  • A softer and lighter ball
  • Less players on the court
  • Slight changes to the rules
  • Spikezone can be played on any surface – indoors, beach, grass, outdoors.

How Do You Get Involved?

The successful running of Spikezone programs requires a cooperative effort between parents, school teachers, Spikezone program providers, coaches, volleyball clubs, state Volleyball associations and of course the kids themselves.

In Western Australia, there are many established programs running and in Term 2 Volleyball WA is very proud to announce that there will be a spike in places to play. For a full list visit our kids volley page on or click here.