Volleyball the best sport for Kids


Maybe we are biased but what can be said with confidence is that kids who play any form of sport benefit in a several ways, both at the physical level, as well as mentally.

Volleyball has always been a popular sport, in fact globally it is second only to soccer. It is a sport that is passed from generation to generation with kids learning the basics from their parents, most of whom have played the sport at some point in their lives. Families can be found playing the game in backyards, pools, and parks around Perth.

The sport increases flexibility, endurance, and strength. The overall effect of playing volleyball on a child is a healthy body, with more muscle mass, and less fat accumulation. This ensures that the child does not become obese during their teenage years.

In addition to the physical benefits of the sport, it also improves the reflexes and hand-eye coordination of children. Being a team sport, it encourages team spirit in children, which is an exceptional quality for life. It also makes them learn the importance of setting goals and working towards achieving them. Children who begin to play volleyball in primary school learn the benefits of hard work at an early age. Even if their team does not win the match, they are able to witness the effect of their dedication in their individual performance. They can be taught how to gracefully accept both failure and success in life, as well as learn the importance of empathy.

Parents love the sport because it is inclusive, accessible, gender equal and non-contact.

Kids Volley is a great way for kids to socialise and have fun, gain some physical fitness and learn the basic skills. Volleyball WA and our Clubs run Kids Volley programs each term so if you have a child who is interested you can find out more here.