Volleyball in WA Raises the Bar for Community


Volleyball is a sport that promotes good health and well-being and has a strong sense of community. Fifty-seven Australians are diagnosed with breast cancer each day. Research is the only way we can improve treatment outcomes that will help stop deaths from the disease.

This is why we are asking volleyballers to do 57 squats a day and join us in March and rise to the challenge.

Coaches get your athletes involved by adding 57 squats to their training sessions.

Clubs challenge your community to do 57 a day, run a team v team competition or coordinate a fundraiser.

Need some inspiration visit http://bit.ly/3kfkp7s

Whatever you do make it fun and share it with us on your socials tagging us in and using the #57squats.

Donate here at the Volleyball WA community fundraising page.