Athlete Profile – Tully Bew


Tully grew up in Albany surrounded by her family who all played the game. She first started playing volleyball in year six her dad coaching her throughout high school.

Tully’s favourite experience was playing for Australia in the U20s in New Zealand, she was excited to be selected for the Australian Volleyball Academy this year and to represent her home state playing in the Australian Volleyball League WA Steel Women’s team last year.

What Tully loves about the game is it makes her think in so many different ways and that it is a very strategic game instead of being just about strength and power although she admits it does require plenty of that as well. She loves the feeling that volleyball gives her, the sense of freedom and comfort.

Even though she has just started at the Academy she is loving the training and competitions. Training in a high-performance environment is an incredible experience, despite the grueling schedule of twice daily training sessions sometimes more including time spent in the gym.

Next for Tully is playing college volleyball and studying overseas before trying to get a professional contract in the European or Asian League. She also adds the 2032 Brisbane Olympics to her list of future goals.