Popular locally-owned children’s multi-sport organisation Jungle Sports breaks new ground in their partnership with Volleyball WA’s ‘Kids Volley’ program, Spikezone.

Starting in Term 2, the collaboration offers volleyball classes at Thornlie and Subiaco on Monday and Friday afternoons respectively.

The Spikezone program, which teaches primary school children the fundamentals of volleyball, will be administered by Jungle Sports coaches, who have undertaken specialised Volleyball WA accreditation.

Spikezone is a modified version of Volleyball and beach volleyball designed specifically to increase participation opportunities for primary and early secondary school students aged between 8 and 13 years.

  • Spikezone Volleyball is a fun and energetic activity
  • Spikezone Volleyball is a great team sport
  • Spikezone Volleyball increases coordination and socialisation skills
  • Spikezone Volleyball is a non-contact gender equal sport
  • With Spikezone Volleyball all equipment is provided, you just need to bring yourself and a drink bottle

“Jungle Sports is an ideal partner in this venture due to the stellar reputation of their coaches to deliver content in a way that kids get, in a way that keeps them interested.” Says Robyn Kuhl, CEO Volleyball WA. “We wanted to work with an organisation that was a proven performer, who can help us establish volleyball as a top contender choice of children looking to pursue a sport.”

Jungle Sports is WA’s favourite multi-sport program for children aged 18 months to 6 years, with classes running seven days a week across 16 venues in Perth. Recently, they expanded to add afterschool classes to primary school-aged children, and welcome the opportunity to work with a new audience.

“We’re really pleased to be a part of Volleyball WA’s effort to introduce volleyball to primary-school-aged children that may not have had exposure to it otherwise.” Said Andrew Smith, Jungle Sports General Manager.

“A key benefit of volleyball is that it is a non-contact, gender-equal sport. This removes some of the barriers which can prevent kids from continuing on with sport as they get older. Because of this, we have decided to introduce volleyball to our Term 2 schedule, as our aim at Jungle Sports is to get children involved with sports from an early age, and hopefully engaged well into adolescence and beyond.”

“Kids who play sport have fewer emotional and behavioural problems and are less likely to turn to drugs later on or have bad body image which is another good reason to get them involved in Volleyball” added Ms. Kuhl

Classes begin on April 30 at Lords Recreation Centre (running for nine weeks) and May 10 at the Thornlie Community Centre (running for eight weeks).

Volleyball WA is very proud of its partnership with Jungle Sports and the spike in places to play. To find out more and to register with Jungle Sports visit our kids volley page on or click here.