WAVL Round 1 Preview: Honouring Trevor Williams OAM


During the first round of the 2024 WAVL, as a tribute to Trevor Williams OAM, we are delighted to share an article by VWA Life Member Gavin Lewis. Gavin was invited to join us in celebrating Trevor’s 80th birthday and his significant contributions to volleyball in Australia. We are grateful for this opportunity to commemorate Trevor, acknowledge his achievements, and show appreciation for his continuous support over the years. Gavin’s writing serves as a reminder of Trevor’s unwavering commitment and enthusiasm, motivating numerous individuals and creating a lasting impact in the sport. 


As we journey through life and get to appreciate so many joyful moments, I am a great believer in being able to pause and be grateful for the reasons, circumstances and most importantly people who have enabled us to have these wonderful experiences.

As we look forward to the commencement of the WAVL season, it is an ideal opportunity for all of us that get or have gotten so much from volleyball in WA to pause and acknowledge everyone who has built the sport. We need to stop and be grateful to these people. When one considers such amazing contributors over the many decades of volleyball in WA, many names come to mind. One of those names (and second to none) is Trevor Williams OAM. With the start of the 2024 WAVL season coinciding with Trevor’s 80th birthday, it is an ideal time to remember the contribution that Trevor has made and for us to all thank Trevor and wish him a wonderful birthday.

When Volleyball WA asked me to write a small article acknowledging Trevor I was deeply honoured, but also overwhelmed, as there are no words that can truly express his input to the sport, not only in WA but also in Australia. Because of this, I will not go into detail about all of Trevor’s contributions as it would take way too much of your time to read through it all (see below for a snapshot). Suffice to say, it has been significant, both as an administrator and as an elite coach. The easiest way to summarise Trevor’s impact to the sport is to consider the fact that he is a Life Member of THREE separate volleyball associations which reflects his outstanding and meritorious services to the game in Australia and specifically in two States. I do not know of many people in ANY sport that can claim this accolade.

From a WA perspective, Trevor brought professionalism to the sport. As an administrator, under Trevor’s guidance, VWA became a professional organisation and without this, the sport would not be where it is today. An example of this is the fact that under Trevor’s leadership, Perth hosted the 1991 Asian Championships (to this day, one of the most significant stand-alone volleyball events to be hosted in Australia). As a coach, Trevor led the National and State teams and is still one of the most (if not the most) winningest (of National titles) volleyball coaches in WA.

Photo: VWA 2011& 2012 Annual Reports Featuring Trevor


Trevor has always been so generous with his time. This includes him coming out of volleyball “retirement” to help VWA and all the hours, weeks, and years he has given back to aspiring coaches. I have personally experienced Trevor’s mentorship and for every small success I have enjoyed as a coach, I can directly link it back to the education and guidance Trevor provided me.

Many people have made amazing contributions to the sport of volleyball. When you speak to these people, they all know of and are humbled by Trevor’s work over so many years for the betterment of volleyball.

Let us take this opportunity and wish Trevor Williams the happiest of birthdays and to sincerely thank him for everything he has done. As the sport gets older, there are fewer people directly involved who would know of people such as Trevor Williams, but may I implore you to, now and then, stop and consider all these people who gave so much to the sport we all love.

I have truly been honoured to have known Trevor as a boss, a mentor and if I might humbly proclaim – a friend. On behalf of the entire volleyball community, Trevor – thank you for everything and may you have a wonderful 80th birthday.

Highlight of Trevor’s contributions and accolades:

  • Volleyball Australia (VA) Life Member
  • Volleyball SA (VSA) Life Member
  • Volleyball WA (VWA) Life Member
  • Awarded the Order of Australia Medal
  • National Women’s Coach
  • SA State Women’s Coach
  • WA State Women’s Coach
  • SA Junior State Coach
  • WA Junior State Coach
  • VSA Board Member
  • VWA President
  • VWA Order of Merit
  • VWA Hall of Champion Member
  • VWA Patron
  • Numerous Administrator and Coach Awards (both in Volleyball Associations and the general sporting community)
  • Award namesake: Trevor Williams Volunteer Administrator Award


Written by: Gavin Lewis - VWA Life Member