Volleyball WA Going Places


Volleyball WA is pleased to announce the release of its 2022-2025 Places to Play Strategy which details the process that the association will follow, in partnership with venue and facility providers, to provide and promote ‘places to play’ at all levels. ‘Places to Play’ volleyball does not rely solely on purpose-built facilities; therefore this strategy will consider all locations where volleyball activities may take place including public open spaces and other re-purposed sporting facilities.

The current strategy aligns directly with the Volleyball 2022-2025 Strategic Plan which includes the following Places to Play specific outcomes:

Participationcapture, engage and increase the number of volleyball participants

  • Review and implement the places to play strategy with a focus on high growth local communities.
  • Build partnerships to provide ‘places to play’ for any participant within 20km from their home (all metro and regional centres).

Pathways provide development opportunities and support for the volleyball community

  • Provide Places to Play state-wide to support the volleyball development, TID and HP pathway activities.

Profile build the visibility of volleyball in Western Australia

  • Build effective relationships with all levels of government (local, state, and federal) and other stakeholders to expand the places to play network.

Through People Sustainable growth through empowered and connected people

  • Develop and expand collaborative opportunities with venue and facility operators and owners.

The Strategy considers the latest research data about how Australian’s are participating in sport and recreation, what other organisations are doing in this area to improve access for all sports and the developing status of our sport in the national landscape.

Volleyball WA is taking a proactive approach to leverage data-driven decision making in collaboration with ActiveXchange. By incorporating the power of data analysis, Volleyball WA aims to enhance its strategies and outcomes beyond the accomplishments of its 2019-2021 Strategy.

Through their partnership with ActiveXchange, Volleyball WA will have access to valuable data that can be used to identify and map existing and potential clusters. This data analysis will allow them to pinpoint areas with high volleyball participation rates and identify regions that have the potential for growth. By understanding these patterns, Volleyball WA can optimize opportunities to play and maximize facility usage.

One of the key initiatives that Volleyball WA aims to expand is the VolleyMates program. With the insights gained from data analysis, they can identify suitable locations for launching new VolleyMates programs. By selecting areas with high demand or untapped potential, Volleyball WA can ensure the program’s success and provide more opportunities for individuals to engage with volleyball.

To read more here about how Volleyball plans to find creative solutions to resolving the ongoing challenge of finding an appropriate level of places to play to cater for this growing sport.