Volleyball brings smiles to the Hill Tribe children of Thailand

In 2015 Volleyball WA donated some volleyballs to Borderless Friendship to help enhance the lives of the Hill Tribe children in Thailand. A few volleyballs were enough to put smiles on the faces of these children who live in remote areas scattered across Northern Thailand with little or no access to education. Volleyball was a great fun activity for the children which allowed both girls and boys to participate.

Borderless Friendship supports more than 450 ‘at risk’ children, most of whom have no parents or family to support them.

The photos below were taken at a Prao village where the road was their volleyball court.

Whilst our donation was generous, there are not enough volleyballs to go to every place. If any club or association would like to donate their used volleyballs to enable more Hill Tribe children to play volleyball, please contact the VWA office.

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